GIFTS FOR COLLEGE INTERNS: A major bank employing summer college interns wanted to present gifts prior to returning back to school. Their goal was to achieve recognition on the college campus of prestigious business schools while showing pride of the students for their association with the bank and momentum of their summer experience. We recommended backpacks designed to hold and protect laptop computers. This was a tremendous success on the campuses and well-received as a practical and useful item.

CONTINUITY PROGRAM / FUNDRAISER: Fundraisers need to fit the spirit of the organization. This organizations holds an annual art contest seeking drawings of historical and recognizable landmarks. We print the annual design on a different colored glass holiday ornament each year. The design of the year is on one side, while the organization's logo is on the reverse side. They are sold as a limited edition collectible piece and sell out every year. This is a real promotion.

DOOR OPENER: Trucking company was bringing store-bought donuts or dropping off pizzas to customers and prospects. The problem was that they were promoting the wrong brand...not their own. Only the receptionist knew who brought in the food as they handed her their card. We provided custom donut boxes so that they can continue giving the food items, but their custom logo and message appeared on the boxes which were die-cut for their personal business card to fit as well. Now there was no question as to the identity of the generous company. They later purchased other sizes and shapes for pizza, cookies, candy and tissues. The brand exposure and goodwill is huge

SHOW-STOPPER AT TRADE SHOW: An insurance company whose logo is a lighthouse modeled after an actual lighthouse in Maine. They exhibit at many tradeshows, but found that they were not standing out in the crowd. We recommended an 8-foot inflatable lighthouse modeled after the original, utilizing an interior light at the top. The illumination shows through the clear panels at the top, making this lighthouse a real “show-stopper”.

T-SHIRT WITH A TWIST: Airline client was distributing T-Shirts to high school students for a parade. They wanted a slightly different approach in packaging. We produced a 2-color imprinted T-Shirt that was compressed and packaged into an airplane shape. These were so well-received by the students, were very visible at the parade and went a long way in creating goodwill.

CONFERENCE GIVE-AWAY: Pharmaceutical company was having a company-wide conference in Dallas, TX. They needed a relatively low-cost item to give out at a meeting to serve two purposes. They wanted a souvenir reflecting their trip to Dallas, and at the same time have their logo depicted prominently on the item. We provided them with drinking tumblers which have a false bottom. The sealed bottom compartment of this item contained miniature floating items such as a flag of Texas, western hat, yellow rose, oil tower and confetti in the shape of Texas, with a 4-color image depicting scenes of Dallas. The company logo and date were printed on the outside of this item. It was such a success that we received a request during the conference to rush out an additional shipment to keep up with the demand.